Neighborhood Explanation

There are many well-known neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia. Neighborhoods are generally considered to be housing subdivisions of a city. In some cases, other layers of intervening organization exist (for example, boroughs in New York city) that may not exist in all places.

In the city of Atlanta, as well as the Atlanta metropolitan area, there exist an intermediate level of organization, called districts or zones. The Buckhead district includes all of the city of Atlanta north of I-75/I-85, and thus it has grown to include several neighborhoods, such as Peachtree Hills and North Buckhead. The Midtown district can likewise be subdivided into neighborhoods like Ansley Park, Berkeley Park, etc. These districts are quasi-legal entities, defined by the city of Atlanta, and with some authority over zoning and property taxation through the system of neighborhood planning units (NPUs).

Outside the city, two additional edge cities exist: the Perimeter Center area and the Cumberland/Galleria area. Again, these community improvement districts have some taxing/zoning privileges, and overlap other boundaries. The Perimeter CID is in the cities of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody (though both were unincorporated when it was founded), and also includes part of unincorporated DeKalb county (southeast of I-285). The Cumberland CID (separated from the city proper by the Chattahoochee River) includes the unincorporated town of Vinings as well as other parts of unincorporated Cobb county and incorporated Smyrna. All of these areas have Atlanta ZIP codes, with Sandy Springs and Dunwoody also allowed to use their own name instead of "Atlanta" on mail.

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