4. What is the first thing people see on my Web site? Take a hard look at your home page. Every link, every image, every word should have a purpose. I am a big believer in simple and easy-to-navigate Web sites. One of my favorite sites isNest Realty. I only wish more info was "above the fold," but overall I think Nest does a fantastic job of having the right balance of information on it's home page.

Also, make sure when you are looking at your home page you have easy-to-find social media links, such as links to your Facebook page or profile, LinkedIn profile and Twitter profile.

Pera Dance is Atlanta's heart center for movement. It is a collaborative studio, anchoring the city's top performance troupes and instruction talent for those wanting to embrace more movement in their lives. They are unique to Atlanta, offering 14 different disciplines in World Dance. Pera Dance offers an exciting and considerably less expensive way to capture the spirit and movement of other cultures by learning the ways in which others express themselves through dance.  For more information about their many dance styles, classes and more....


1 upload the klm file to atlanta neighborhood klm file folder from My local Document/klm folder
2 go to Google maps and search for https://sites.google.com/a/re4atlanta.com/atlantaneighborhoods/resource-center/kml-files/kml-file-folder/Capital View.kml
3 Click on LINK then copy the link 
4 Go to The Atlanta Real Estate Finder and Insert a MAP Gadget
5 Paste Link it to the Maps gadget
5 Add the name of the Community, Atlanta GA

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http://123maplestreet.com/default.aspx?pp=1252  single listing website info

Sex Offender Information for Decatur, GA

For most citizens, the easiest method to obtain accurate and timely sex offender information for their local area is to visit their state sex offender registry website. States are required to provide this information for free. You do not need to pay for this information.

In Decatur GA, the registered sex offenders can be found athttp://www.ganet.org/gbi/sorsch.cgi. Please be sure to read all the disclaimers provided by the state.

For more information check out the resources listed below:

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