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Choosing where to live in Atlanta

Getting Around
Anyone wishing to relocate to the Atlanta area, needs to be mindful of morning, noon and evening traffic. Getting around Atlanta during rush hour can be time consuming, so choosing the right place to live, will make your quality of life much better. Another consideration would be choosing a neighborhood that was in line with your lifestyle.  If you need a fast pace environment with people on the move, then Buckhead would be a good choice. If you are an artist and enjoy a more relaxed bohemian lifestyle, perhaps Candler park, Inman park or Lake Claire neighborhoods would suit you better. If you are a college student, then living near campus make sense. Another consideration is price. Depending on your housing budget, some neighborhoods will be affordable, and some not. 

Getting to know Atlanta
Regarding logistics, Atlanta can be broken down into 5 general areas they are NE, NW, SE, SW, outside the loop.  Lets start with the North.